Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Janice Thomson said...

Well said! If people only realized....

Brian Miller said...

hehe...fool me three times and its on like donkey

TALON said...

Karma can definitely be a bitch...some people don't think about that.

Love the shot, Lorraine!

Gillena Cox said...

didnt quite make the connection between 'karma' and 'pumpkins'; but its definitely a lovely autumn view

much love

Lorraine said...

No kidding ma chere amie,I say to the fools, fools you'll be

Brian Donkey Kong? gosh my son has grown up ...haven't heard that in lonnnng time lol

Thanks a lot Kim :)

well, deception is often a costume, so people get fooled easierGillena....I just made that up, don't know at all why I picked this photo, I guess it looks a tittle, you know, cornered lol

namaki said...

but you can't fool me all the time, can you ?

Henrique Pimenta said...

image & words


sandy said...

you poem makes me think--
Don't mess with Lorraine!

Michael Rawluk said...

Hey, fool me 15 or 16 times.

Lorraine said...

Not a chance Namaki ;)

Thank you Henrique, there is no more Fooling me, I won :)

You got it girl, thanks Sandy

Hey Michael, I won the round ;)