Friday, November 12, 2010

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Brian Miller said...

with that look on his face i wonder what he was thinking...

Devika said...

"and one for the little girl who lives down the lane" -- looks like Red-riding hood, though :)

On the previous, it sounded as if someone shot through your heart -- take care, Lorraine -- the world is heading in that direction; just as the economy will pick up, terrorism will be back, they say :)


Gillena Cox said...

with such a purposeful look on his face; such a cutie

much love

P.S. Devika i continue to pray for peace on earth

TALON said...

It looks like he takes the responsibility very seriously, Lorraine! :)

Devika said...

I don't know Gillena -- when it's in the name of God they war! or God is a pretext for other gains - whatsoever, if God meant peace for earth, our Adam and Eve would not have been thrown out to this place - and to procreate the human virus --

Lo! we too are part of it -- but as Gandhiji said, individuals must can and find their peace -- through prayers or otherwise, and unaffected by external influences --i would say, don't waste your time...Earth seems gaining her balance and peace, through war, natural calamities, and whateever :)

Lorraine, with your permission -


Lorraine said...

agreed Brian, the second I saw him with a little bruise on the face, carrying a heavy back but well dressed...he carries his duty the best he can

Dev, he is not a little girl...and I worry more about the dark side of me: fear

thanks Gillena and I do too, I always wish for world peace upon my first star for as long as I can remember

he does doesn't he Talon, I hope he is cherished

We are not a virus Dev, we are particles of God who have forgotten who they really are...why do you ask my permission, when you bloody well know I've given it to you in writin lol

Devika said...

haha! i can make out he is not a little girl -- i was said mimicking the nursery rhyme and said he looked like Red Riding Hood :)

You know what Lorraine -- 95% of the time we forget we are particles of God and when things go out of control we hold God responsible...if only human realised their godliness :)

the other -- is a courtsey, i feel obliged each time :)


ArleneWKW said...

Awww, he looks so serious as he carries out this task. "Well done," I hope his mom (or ??) says when he returns home.

Lorraine said...

I get that Dev, thanks :)

Arlene, I concur he should showered with hugs :) thanks sweetie, I missed you

Fireblossom said...

Oh, how cute is that!

Lorraine said...

Isn't he a sweetie, thanks Fb ;)