Monday, November 15, 2010

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Devika said...

The Dog-days turn to God-days -- yeah, the real magic! :)

Photo is awesome for a greeting card, Lorraine...Lovely :)


Lorraine said...

Thanks my dear, can you send me an e-mail with your address 'cause i don't know where I put it, you're on my list e-mail is

Devika said...

Yes, will send...but to know that is enough, dear Lorraino :)


Lorraine said...

Dev, I think it's wonderful to have lovely friends from the Internet, and what's more fun than sending them a wish ;)

TALON said...

Is it just me or has this year passed by super fast? Yes, soon it will be time to deck the halls.

I love that shot, Lorraine!

Brian Miller said...

its begining to look a lot like christmas....

Magyar said...

__Isn't it grand... that folks look beyond the seasonal commercialism... and really care about other people, even in the smallest ways, ways that go beyond the growl of every day existance!
__"Old fashioned cards in the mail"

Lovit, LL... _m

Cindybrown said...

Christmas...didnt we just celebrate that?? Man time flies the older you get!!

Gillena Cox said...

just 'yesterday' it was Christmas 2009; Wow; lovely card Lorraine

much love

ArleneWKW said...

Oooooow, the photo is magical especially when enlarged.

Michael Rawluk said...

Hey . . . I am not ready for Christmas yet.

Kristin Riggs said...

Very charming and warm. Wonderful!

Gillena Cox said...

forgot to add, and agreeing with Kristin, the lights in th window create a lovely warm feeling

much love

Lorraine said...

PS to all my visitors I would love to send you a Christmas card, so If you want to, send me your address to

Thanks so much Talon, and I also would love your address if you'd like to exchange Christmas e-mail is

Yes Brian, but no snow, yesterday was so balmy I was walking around with just a shirt (and jeans, of course)

Yes Doug, thank you so much, and I'd love to send you a christmas card,if you'd like my e-mail address (I gave it to Talon(

Cindyb so true and I wish it was always Christmas ;)

Thanks a lot Gillena, :)

Isn't it gorgeous ARlene thanks a bunch

you will be lol thanksMichael

Hi Kristin, so nice to see you :)

I appreciate that Gillena

Jingle Poetry said...

thanks for bringing Christmas feelings in us,
love the image,
fabulous post.

Standley said...

Noël arrive à grands pas.
Une très belle carte de voeux Lorraine.
Ca y est j'arrive à me connecter de nouveau chez toi!

Lorraine said...

Hey Jingle thanks very much :)

Richard on a eu le meme probleme, drole n'est-ce pas? je suis contente de pouvoir te visiter a nouveau :)