Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Devika said...

O' dear Lorraine...why the rage? It only kills you...Write it out, and sleep for the rest of the night...or into the day;

sleep well; rest of life is the regular drama - You have your script running, i have mine...each and every one has it,

I am home today - a break from a break

Very Nice photo it is :)


Eddie said...

Why rage?
Look how beautiful is the night

Lorraine said...

Thanks a lot Dev, you're a good girl :)

Long story Eddie, but yes the night is beautiful :)

Devika said...



Brian Miller said...

better to get it out than hold it in...but sleepless nights...ack.

TALON said...

I'm glad you wrote it out - I think it helps to get it out. I'm sorry the night was a sleepless one though. That photograph is gorgeous.

Magyar said...

a play
of the right scene
played on your inner stage
shakes loose the dusts of poison thoughts
this rage


Frank said...

A very nice picture...

Anonymous said...

I had the thought when I read this that the trees look like angry dark scribbles.

Timoteo said...

I feel a need to comment on not just one, but the whole of your work here...the photos...the thoughts that accompany them...knock me on my ass every time.

Wine and Words said...

I read this first as white-out...and thought of snow, and how fitting the caption would be. But I do the same...I write out my rage, my angst, the dark that fills my filter. Writing makes it clean. I know people see it as dark. But it is in the writing that I become un-so. Rather the writing, than I.

ArleneWKW said...

Nice. The reddish tinge at the bottom right makes me feel like the rage is either dissipating or expanding. It looks to me like the first, dissipating.

Standley said...

Les nuits blanches sont terribles et ta photos en fait bien ressortir l'atmosphère!!!
Bonne journée à toi.

Lorraine said...

Sometimes Brian it comes through whether you want to or not, I'm not running anymore

Thanks a lot Talon writing and taking photos have always been my security blanket the only way that I can let the pain go...

Oh Doug, that is soooo beautiful, rage is poison but if you don't let it out, your body will suffer

thanks verymuch Frank beautiful photographs hurts my broken heart

Thanks Sandy but I promise you they help more than hurt :)

Tim Thanks for the comfort,it's very needed now as I have to do something that is taking all my courage

Wine and Words, couldn't agree more, thanks for stopping by, it's a help :)

That's beautiful Arlene it ocmes and goes like night and dawn

C'est tres gentil Richard, merci beaucoup

Anonymous said...

there is a magic in those o' sleepless nights

a beautiful truth you share

thank you

Lorraine said...

That's a lovely comment FR thank you :)