Sunday, December 5, 2010

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Devika said...

I am not sure if I am getting it right...But may God be with you, Lorraine in what you do :)

if Isolation isn't by choice; it can be dangerous -- as someone said -- It takes no time to lose one's isolation or in a mob...stay safe and take care,

BEAUTIFUL photo, :)


TALON said...

That photograph is the epitamy of solitude, Lorraine. Just gorgeous...

Isolation, if not built up of loneliness, can be a great place to spend time with yourself.

Brian Miller said...

mmm...sounds like some teachng we could all use...

Anonymous said...

One word- beautiful!

JoeB said...

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Your e-mail changed? so I had to join .
I've been thinking of saying hi all week, you're more psychic or just beat me to the punch.
I'm busy with work and my daughter's health hasn't been the best lately.
I do look in at your site (still better pics) and very much and care for the lines of poetry.
The attached picture is for a Xmas card I made up, if you like I'll mail you one.
Wishing you the best.

o( ^_^ )o Joe

Michael Rawluk said...

That is an absolute beauty of a shot.

magiceye said...


Lorraine said...

Dev isolation is always my choice, but now I have to move somewhere where there are hundreds of peple and I pray I can keep my silence

Talon in insolation I breathe better :)

Oh Joe, such a pleasure to see you here and yes I would love to get your homemade Christmas card by mail, as well I'd l0ve to send you a non-homemade card lol my address is: 40 du Patrimoine, Gatineau Quebec, J9H 3N5 and like I said in my e-mail (I don't know if you got it) I'd love to get your address as well..and I won't be staying at this address for too long, but I should be here for a few months and again so nice t see you :)

Thanks so very much Michael :)

Nice to se you magiceye, thank you :)

Lorraine said...

JOE: That Is J9H 3N7.....NOT 3N5....i guess it is time to Go lol

Seraphine said...

you take some beautiful photogaphs, lorraine. i love how the sky and the water blend together.
i love my rare moments of isolation. but i'd hate being permanently (or long-term) isolated.

Lorraine said...

thanks very much Sera, I have to know that I can isolate myself to be able to mix, or else I can't do it :)

GABRIELA said...

The shot is marvellous, a great composition, well built and framed!

HOBBY said...

This....very special!