Friday, December 10, 2010

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HOBBY said...

Ohhhh-ho! Cold, very cold!

Lorraine said...

Hi Yoshiyuki, I can stand the cold...if I have to, thanks m'dear :)

Devika said...

the new lease period? :)

the body
a burden
for the soul -
yet so freely
it floats

we are all freely anchored to the shores of uncertainty -- no, Lorraine?


Devika said...

Now as Magyar would say..."the other side" of the photo...the tree range is nice :)


Lorraine said...

I love your poem Dev and yes I've had a reprieve

Devika said...

why do you say "reprieve" --i didn't get're staying at the same place? or you mean to say an interim relief?

but anyway, i only wish you to be happily settled...the philo is just my the day's/week's end i'm just too tired :)


Brian Miller said...

well may the sun light your harbor
and soon find you in open water

Gillena Cox said...

Dev always your comments are so thought provoking
Lorraine your mood is deep today; you are well absorbed in winter's mystery

much love

P.S. Have a nice day

TALON said...

Just remember the thaw is coming, Lorraine...

ArleneWKW said...

Like Dev, I'm not sure if you're referring to your new or old place. In either case, it sounds bleak and stuck. The metaphor is mysterious and enticing.

Anonymous said...

while sitting on the deck of your boat frozen, i slip on my mittens

Magyar said...

Thankfully, it seems you can rest easy LL! _m

__Dev... I'm on that little island. Can you see me waving to you?

Michael Rawluk said...

Ah, I guess that means life is good.

Janice Thomson said...

Delighted for you chere amie. Now you can enjoy Christmas without such stress.

Lorraine said...

Dev I'm staying ofr another 18 months, and even if it's too cold inside, the walls don't crush me

wow that's so pretty Brian, thanks ;)

thanks always Gillena ;)

I don't mind the cold Talon, often it makes me alive :)

Arlene I'm staying, I've had a reprieve, and I embrace the cold, because it doesn't close on me

I like that David, thank you:)

Doug, thank you means a lot to me :) so did she wave back?

You got it ma chere, and thanks always Janice ;)
Yes Michael good and cold, but I can handle that

Devika said...

Yes Magyar I think i saw :)
and thanks to Gillena...and thanks to you Lorraine for the space to wave them back :)


Devika said...

And about the, stay put...nothing is supposed to crush us; but, it is all meant to make us strong and better :)


Lorraine said...

anytime Dev , nothing can hurt our soul, but the body, well that can get pounded to the ground :)