Friday, December 31, 2010

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Devika said...

I would say, they should never look...for when they haunt, we should be able to look away :)

Life cannot work on hauntings....but a purging is necessary too for our sancitity and sanity...who knows, perhaps that's why they too don't look...because it IS vey easy to lose your sanity here....well thats just me :)

Nice picture...i like the poignancy in your photos :)


Devika said...

on sanity...the wee bit left, i must add :)

my husband says there is nothing left! :)


Lorraine said...

one should know when one's haunted, I never look away, thanks for the beautiful compliment Dev..on sanity, we'll along just fine!

Devika said...

oh forgot, A Very Happy and Inspired 2011, Lorraine...and may the year bring you all that you aspire for :)


Lorraine said...

and to you too my dear Dev x

Devika said...

oh again, your reply is here :)

Purgings come out of haunting, Lorraine...but that's ones personal...nothing to do with any other,

we get haunted because of our nature...not their fault! so why should they look?

i know people like you and me and some others can help looking, and try to do something about it...thats our nature too :)


Devika said...

ha! again, thank you Lorraine for the wishes :)

add--- i must say, i wish i could look away; but often i can't help...a reality, but i wear a mask sometimes...because the chain of pain can't go on :)


Devika said...

One more thing...i hate sympathising...petty sentimental shows and such -- to be frank,

I don't show it, i don't like people showing it to me....I would rather laugh at my troubles, but i will stop to see if i can do something about someone else in trouble and would also welcome such help when i'm in trouble -- the real "stuff" == to use your most loved word :)

well this is some purging I have done here...bear with me, Lorraine :)


Brian Miller said...

they never look says much to me...being ignored...i believe that would haunt me of itself...hop you have a great new years L!

namaki said...
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namaki said...

Whaouh quelle belle photo à l'aube de cette nouvelle année que je te souhaite joyeuse etc etc ... bisous

TALON said...

What a lovely shot, Lorraine! This put me in mind of ghosts gathering and peering...and most never seeing them...

I hope 2011 comes in sweetly and you have the most beautiful year ever, Lorraine! xx

Gillena Cox said...

...whats this about hauntings and sanity at yer's end? very disquietening issues i must say;
but then again life does not exist in a vacuum; even though, (and here's one of our happy pardoxes) there is the consesus of the vacuum;
you know, we catholics in one of our generic prayers -" The Nicene Creed", we acknowledge 'things seen and unseen'; oh but our faith in salvation encourages our sanity;
Oh well we were blessed with a fruitful year of poetry and rhetoric; wishing all Best Regardsfor 2011; here in T &T our time zone is still about eleven more hours to 2011

Lorraine what a lovely moon; you sure have good photo savvy

Peace Love and Joy

ArleneWKW said...

I have to admit that I don't really understand this one, but I do feel a sense of anxiety looking at the picture. Perhaps the photo is meant to evoke that feeling???

Michael Rawluk said...

Have a Happy and loving New Year.

Lorraine said...

Dev, there is nothing wrong with sentiments, only 'feelings' get you turned around for no reasons

I like being ignored, Have a wonderful year Brian :)

Merci beaucoup Dominique et je t'en souhaite une fameuse ;)

That's lovely Talon and the same to you sweetie xx

I have my moments of total hauntings, I get upset 'cause I can't photograph it, I'm a little nuts that way Catholic and all...Have a great year m'dear x

The only feelings of anxiety are those in my brain, when I can't take a photo of something precious...the photo is haunting and beautiful to me and I share it as such, I wish you Arlene, good feelings...always....

You too Michael, kisses to you and KIM

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a peaceful New Year 2011

Lorraine said...

To you too David, thank you :)