Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Devika said...

aah! Neat picture, Lorraine...Spring will be there dot on March 20 :)

wait, wait...but sun seems enjoying the whole show even now :)


Lorraine said...

you swear, all I know is today's minus 5

Devika said...

its much colder than January's end for us here too, Lorraine...its been raining heavily in the last two days,

But i know, you can trust Nature; it follows time on dot! provided there is no human intervention :)


Frank said...

A Christmas card picture - really lovely, Lorraine...

Magyar said...

snow cover
in my mind drift
bird songs

__Winter gets old, as does other things; often it is best to become a part of that that fades.

Janice Thomson said...

Such a beautiful, peaceful scene...I imagine all the little buds snoring away stirring on occasion under the was like that here too yesterday but now we have gone to -20 something or other :)

TALON said...

That shot is breathtaking, Lorraine!! Is there a word beyond beautiful? :)

Eko said...

Hieno talvinen näkymä. Pakkasta ei kuitenkaan ole kovinkaan paljon.
Meidän pakkaset ovat 30-40 astetta - normaalia...!

Brian Miller said...

lovely frosted trees there in the background...

Standley said...

Quelle superbe photo hivernale Lorraine. Je regrette que nous n'ayons pas eu de neige cette année.
Passe une bonne soirée.

comrade harps said...

A winter wonderland.

Margie said...

Magical winter scene!
So beautiful, Lorraine.
My, you are an amazing photographer!

Margie x

Michael Rawluk said...

That is a beautiful garden patiently waiting for Spring.

Lorraine said...

6 degrees that's that's 42F WOW

Thanks very much Frank, I may just make a Christmas card out of it, you'll have to send me your address :)

vEry nice Doug :)

Janice we're starting the day with a big fat 6 degrees, jeans and tshirt weather...hope yours warms up even quicker

I don't know Talon, I keep on looking for words that are better then sensational when I visit you but there aren't enough words in human vocabulary

Eko, you're an angel :)

Ice in the sun should be one of the world' wonders thanks Brian

Pauvre Richard, bien si je parviens a cree des cartes de Noel je vais te l'envoyer Noel prochain ;)

Thanks Comrade ;)

Aren't you an angel thanks Margie ;)

Indeed, as always, thanks Michael