Thursday, February 24, 2011

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Devika said...

Oh! Ghastly picture, Lorraine!

You know what...spring equinox falls on March 20 this year...just that man wants spring and summer fast will not change Nature's ways....nor will time run faster..though we feel time flies :)

that said, I am quite sure that by March 20, we'll have no flowers around here...except some perennial flowers...we are half way through spring already...i meant by way of flowers :)


Devika said...

You said "tender"? and me ghastly -- something seems wrong :)


Lorraine said...

You know me by now Dev I'm moody, this is a perfect moody shot, of course, I love it lol

Devika said...

haha! look at it that way, it works for me too....if i were in the spot there I would have definitely enjoyed doubt; and the shot ofcourse is too good :)


Devika said...

my comments are just my instantaneous reactions...speaks of my mood more! :)


Brian Miller said...

love the shot...ready to kick the season to the curb...

Margie said...

Haven't been round for a while.
Here today, though to enjoy all your posts!
Love your photo and words!
You are so good at both!

Margie x

TALON said...

Every photo more beautiful than the next. Gorgeous, Lorraine!

We had more snow's always pretty, but I'm longing for some new colors in the world.

Standley said...

Ta photo est une petite merveille Lorraine. Quelle atmosphère!
Bonne soirée.

sandy said...

I wish it would depart a little faster. We are getting snow/sleet/rain tonight.

Janice Thomson said...

It's very close to -40C here today - need some sun real quick. Beautiful photo chere amie - here the season is still well entrenched :)

comrade harps said...

moody sepia, nice

Michael Rawluk said...

Almost looks like part a movie. Some great biblical epic.

Lorraine said...

I get that Dev, I do too ;)

I'm right there with you Brian ;)

And you are so kind Margie, thanks always ;)

You have said it Talon, COLOURs a very needed elemental life produce..wish it'd hurry up lol

Comme tu es gentil Richard, merci beaucoup :)

Ditto Sandy, but it's a balmy Minus 5, I can cheer about that ;)

Oh Janice, that's horrible, it's Minus 5 here, it's very warm ...I'll send some over ok?

Thanks very much Comrade ;)

Hmmm I like. Thanks a lot Michael!