Monday, March 28, 2011

In the morning
my words
my passions
Damn Picasa


Lorraine said...

PICASA has a hell of a lot to exxplain....darn it

Janice Thomson said...

LOL...I've been having trouble with Blogger too off and on and since Picasa hosts blogger's images I expect it's Blogger and not Picasa that's the problem...

TALON said...

I've been having major issues with blogger and it's driving me nuts! I finally managed to post - I gave up yesterday. I hope this comment actually shows up.

I love this photo and your words, Lorraine. Some things aren't meant to be examined too closely, I think.

Margie said...

Hope the problems are solved soon!
Hang in there sweet girl!

Margie :)

Michael Rawluk said...

Your troubles do give us some lovely images.

comrade harps said...

Been having some Blogger probs myself - not on the 'creep so much as the work blog that I maintain. Fiddle with it long enough and it seems to come out alright, tho.

Anyho, an intriguing pic there. A change in font too. Good to see an experiment.

I have no idea what your on about here, but I like it. Suitably vague.

Lorraine said...

and Bravo Janice 'cause you're right it's Blogger.stupid not Picasa,my apologies Picasa ;)

Talon your comments always put a smile on my face, thanks

oh me too darling Margie it's a pain in the buttocks

Oh Michael, you never disappoint in your comments OR in your photos lol

Hey Comrade, I'm a loner, I'm a ghost of my former self, stay away, basically that's what I'm saying, sorry I haven't visited I thought you left

comrade harps said...

Form Morrissey's "I'll never be anybody's hero now":

They who should love me
walk right through me
I am a ghost
and as far as I know
I haven't even died