Wednesday, March 2, 2011

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Devika said...

haha! fun post, Lorraine :)

but i doubt saying Line 2 to artists is a good, and the reason, i'll eat for now :)


Magyar said...

Buffalo skull, a bale of hay, wagonwheel and a bucksaw; an ATM.
__Ok, ok, ok... so there's no ATM, but there could be. __A wave back to the artist! _m

Devika said...

Okay since this is a venue of much cherished artists, i'll put it this way...Love the art; not the artist....that will possibly let them focus on their work, than themselves (which is seeming plaguing many good artists, at least in my cinema and art of my country)


Lorraine said...

lol funny gal :)

He'd like that Doug, I know I do ;)

Devika said...
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Frank... said...

This is a happy shot, Lorraine...

Brian Miller said... me some artists....nice one L!

Gillena Cox said...

smiling faces
and wood for the fire~
winter warming

much love

TALON said...

What a great shot, Lorraine! I love the composition of bales and wheels and wood.

Eko said...

Elämän taitava taitelija...!?
Iloinen - surut eivät paina...!

Michael Rawluk said...

That is a very cool shot.

Lorraine said...

Yes it is thanks Frank :)

Ditto Mr. writer! Brian :)

very nice, thanks Gillena :)

I know Talon, I had no idea what he wanted to do, probably set up for a commission :)

Eko, that sounds beautiful I'll have t go what the translation is lol

Thanks very much Michael :)

Janice Thomson said...

Neat shot Lorraine - he's so happy! I'm kind of partial to artists too - or at least their work :)