Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Brian Miller said...

breathe in that moment...hope spring finds you for good soon...

Devika said...

why do you get caught between seasons -- they come and go - don't they?

the Tree- it buds, its sheds and when asked proof of God it blooms....and then it falls-- we people are supposed to be planting one when one falls,

that reminds a little riddle -- whats the difference between a tree and a car? -- a tree sheds the leaves, a car leaves the shed! these are what my children teach me :)


Devika said...

the riddle because i see you often talking about tree and car :)


Frank... said...

A magical post, Lorraine. I like it a lot...

Lorraine said...

Oh Brian at minus 12, spring is but a dream thanks m'dear

Why do I get got between seasons you ask, cause I love every season's first breath, and it comes at a price, and lol that's hilariouus

Thank you Frank I appreciate that very much

Devika said...

"every season's first breath, and it comes at a price" -- I didn't get that -- because its the wind that often brings the change in breath of seasons --

But let me try converting it to modern human life

winter to spring -- its a saving with lesser electricity bills, no sweaters/blankets etc

spring to summer -- power cost rises, but savings in clothes -- though fine cotton is costly these days

summer to autumn -- so visible change, except slight fall in electricity bills

winter -- food/clothes/housing are all expensive

of all winter is the most costly in colder climates -- for us its the most comfortable season except a one-two week end-Dec and start-Jan

so its all about money, honey? :)


Magyar said...

Your hotos of the snow.

I wait...
Wishing it would go
Motionless as this snow
I stand...
Locked within its flow
'Till when, will this spring grow.

LL... from your comment at my post, you said you wished you had my gift? You do; what ever gift that may be! _m

Devika said...

our electricity bills are highest in summer and lowest in winter :)


Devika said...

well Lorraine, i must say i get what you were talking about....but its high past time, that some seasons or someone 's breath comes at the cost of another -- don't you think?

there's whole generation that gets confused with such theories -- in the blogland -- leaving it for good, Lorraine -- let's not pass on those follies :)


TALON said...

We're caught in that same space, Lorraine, with winter leaving in a blaze of glory - another six inches of the white stuff this morning.

Standley said...

Un superbe contre-jour Lorraine. Bravo pour le cadrage.
Bonne soirée.

Margie said...

Beautiful .... love this post, Lorraine.
You do take the most gorgeous pictures!

It's the most gorgeous spring day here.

Margie :)

Janice Thomson said...

Yes very beautiful Lorraine - so enjoy your words with this photo.
It's been snowing for 2 days now - think Spring forgot where we live...

sandy said...

You find the most interesting trees to photograph. We are getting more snow tomorrow. I giving winter until the end of the month, then it can leave for good.

Lorraine said...

Brian it has become a real challenge, knowing how to dress, well except for me, 'cause my old rented house tells me everytime ;)

DEV DEV DEV have you become capitalist, I never thoughT

I don't know about that Doug, but thank you :)

No new snow here Talon just the freakin' cold lol

Merci beaucoup Richard :)

That is so beautiful Margie, thank you sweetie :)

Janice it's too cold here to snow arrrrgh ;)

An Ultimatum, I like you Sandy! oh gosh do i wish :)

Devika said...

No i am not, and was not being a capitalist...a communist/socialist too assess the cost factor -- Karl Marx's Marxism is a study on market and economy than politics :)


Devika said...

by the way,i am not a communism is the liberal one based on Leninism and then driven by Gandhian philosophies -- well more on that would be going a little too much :)