Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Devika said...

No end, No beginning, only this passion of life -- Two days to go for your birthday, rt?

Happy Birthday in advance, Lorraine :)


Devika said...
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Devika said...

Oh got it is beautiful, only because it has beginning and end...if we were to live forever -- how boring the whole affair would be :)


Devika said...

Oh my God...what am i saying after wishing you happy birthday-- made a mess of it!

what i said could be just about me....Wishing you a passion-filled happy long life, Lorriane :)


Kathy said...

21 passions reminds me of Chinese five spice! I'm taking Harold out for dinner tomorrow for his birthday...20 passions! lol

TALON said...

That's a mood filled photo, Lorraine. 21 passions - that's got me thinking of what a list that would be.

Brian Miller said...

an intriguing bit of words...sends the mind wandering...21 the wind...smiles.

Frank... said...

A lovely photo, Lorraine -21 passion is intriguing? ...

Margie said...

Love the April wind!
Had a lovely walk and the April wind was at my back, loved it!
Wonderful photo!
21 passions, indeed!

Wishing you a day of much joy, my friend!

Margie x

Michael Rawluk said...

The April wind only seems to bring us a daily dose of snow that soon melts.

Lorraine said...

No you didn't I enjoyed all your comments, 21 passions: all the passions I've had in my life and I was born on April 21 lol

Kathy you know what the 21's Happy Bithday to you,Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday Dear Harold may you have a great day, with your wife, how could you not, just for you xxx and hugs

Sweet Talon s many more passions than 21, but I wouldn't have had them without my birth: April 21, 21 passions :)

Brian, oh all my passions, my birth cuased them on the 21 of April, tomorrow I will be 52

Many many more Frank, but without birth I wouldn't have had any tomorrow's my birthday April '21'

Margie so glad you enjoyed hundreds of passions and my birth caused it April 21 x

Right this second Michael we're getting although they say it's freezing, it'snot, or maybe I'll know it when I go out lol

Devika said...

:) i knew it was related to your date of birth :)


Seraphine said...

21 passions? hmmm, that sounds mysterious.
the thing is, it is wonderful to have even one passion.
a passionless day is a day wasted, in my not-so-humble opinion.