Sunday, April 17, 2011

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Brian Miller said...

ugh, so over snow...we have been under rain for days...but this morning spring yawned and it is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Our temperature went up overnight. Still getting heavy rain, though. That would be my favorite kind of snow, too.

Kathy said...

That's the attitude!!! Fear her, snow! She who must be obeyed! lol

Magyar said...

__Though winter persists, it shall be overtaken; seasons, the prime soldiers of change.

as birds change color
the tulip

Frank... said...

It's been a lovely sunny day here over the last few days. I'm sure your good weather can't be all that far off. Nice post, Lorraine...

TALON said...

As I type this, it's snowing here. So depressing. Thankfully, it won't stick around, but I've can't remember ever being so tired of the white stuff. I love that image, Lorraine, of Spring yawning :)

Devika said...

As a conttinuation of "letting go" we also realise that nothing stays-- an artists quest is to grant transience a kind of permanence...again, nice post, Lorraine :)


Margie said...

Never fear m'dear
Spring is coming!

So enjoyed this post!


Michael Rawluk said...

We awoke to white lawns but fortunately it faded quickly.

comrade harps said...

Like "Spring's yawn"

Lorraine said...

Brian, it can be cold it can snow it doesn't matter Spring is here and there's nothing winter can do about it lol

Hey Sandy, it's only a matter of time, hang tough :)

There you go my sweet, you've said it yourself I am HERSelf! there gosh i love that cup

APPLAUSE APPLAUSE, in fact standing ovation, well put Doug

It can't Frank I will adopt your positive attitude thanks friend :)

Talon, Ditto.....never have felt so cold so long,but it's over now whatever is outside is sheer illusion, winter is gone and it knows it, it just tends to linger a bit, I send it away with warm hugs, and I say see you next year, you know this is not your time

Thanks my dear Dev, I value your opinion :)

Indeed it is and thank you Margie for the encouragement, by the way I have re-opened my Lakes and Rivers for this angel I know

Michael it knows it's time to go, but like everything and everyone alive on earth it's hard to let go ;)

I knew you would thanks for visiting Comrade :)