Friday, May 20, 2011


Devika said...

this works well Lorraine...though you might have your experience and reason quite different from mine...

from my experience, i've felt the joy of ‘lightness’ remains only if the previous moments (and 'lights') are left behind…until they turn up with a lightness in memory some later time…..may be years later…like the tumultuous teens and twenties is a matter of joy now …and now being so much expended in the routines of life may be a matter of joy years later, if we get to live that long…..

come to thing of it, for today, yesterday has a chance of becomong a burden....but not years hence -- what an ironical contradiction! :)

Nice picture :)


Devika said...

**come to 'think' of it :)


Devika said...

"come to 'think' of it, for today, yesterday has a chance of 'becoming'!! -- kya baba! :)

Devika said...

"for today, yesterday has a chance of becomong a burden....but not years hence -- what an ironical contradiction!"

simply put 'Time heals'....but more than joy, why do we dig for pain often? -- another contradiction? :)

ha! too many comments :)


Magyar said...

"The light of 3"

is is was, now
now now is was
joy lingers.

"I had left behind
_That joy"

Take all joy with you, LL!

Devika said...

Magyar is playing with tenses and i tell you Lorriane that is a dangerous mind game...careful :)

trouble or not...i couldn't help saying that :)


Brian Miller said...

the good news is it waits for your return...

Gillena Cox said...

will to let go of the joy of yesterday; how refreshing there in lies, the hope of joy in tomorrows

much love...

TALON said...

Moving forward and taking the occasional peek over our shoulders and seeing it is all still there. This is lovely, Lorraine.

Margie said...

Lovely, it is!
Lorraine, a very busy day here.
Will be back later tonight to visit your other blogs!

Michael Rawluk said...

I think it is time for you to hi-jack a little sailing boat and make your get away.

Lorraine said...

Oh Dev the more the merrier and more interesting, that actually had 2 meanings, the 3, in the Father, the Son and the Holy ghost or in French au nom du Pere et du Fils et du Saint Esprit(which is really what i know, because I jsut realised of course that ghost, makes no sense what is it in English Holy Host?
anyhooo that and the fact that I went fr a walk at 3 pm which I hadn't done in many many many years...

So beautiful Doug, I love your comments

Oh Dev, I always appreciate your 2 cents' worth, but I have to you i adore Doug's comment :)

Brian, I know and isn't that wonderful :)

Thank you Gillena I love the comments I get always gives me a fresh perspective

....and you, are lovely, talon :)

Thanks always enjoy, and sure make sure it's never stressful, I'd take them away if that happened ok? you're such a sweetie

lol what a great idea Michael, and yet again, I'd rather take a photo ;)

Devika said...

"in the name of Father, son and Holy spirit" -- we were taught as Holy Sprirt, not Ghost...but wondered how you could leave them behind

i thought of "light at 3 pm" thinking of the time you could have taken the photograph -- and accepted, though again "light of 3" led me to the three "times" -- Ghost of Past, Ghost of Present, Ghost of Future -- my comment was based on that; but thinking about the joy of lightness,

Since they are referred as ghosts, i thought it better to leave behind....and Magyar's comment...i didn't say i didn't like it...i was just cautioning based on those ghosts of past/present/future

when a communication is made it has to be clear...though it might take a few times to clarify :)