Thursday, May 26, 2011


Anonymous said...

A heart filled with love and understanding needs no more light in the figurative sense, Lorraine -- YOU have that..and humans are blessed with that ability like any other animal (though at times we could be worse than them)...and at all other times you have all sorts of lights available outside - sun, moon, stars, electricity, candle,vapours,

My thought on this long-drawn topic of 'light' and enlightenment....beautiful shot, as always :)


Anonymous said...

Oh okay moon is not a source of light, technically :)


Brian Miller said... the contrast in what you see in this person versus the surroundings....of course it makes me want to sing, 'you light up my life'

TALON said...

What a fabulous reflection shot. It's nice to know the light can always shine in the dark...

Geraldine said...

This is truly lovely in words and the photo too. Very unique too.

Happy Thursday, G

Margie said...

This one got to me!
It makes me think of my mom because when I was a little girl, she used to say to me "you don't ever to be afraid of the dark as I will be your light"
So I love this one!

Gorgeous picture!

Be back later to visit your other blogs.

sandy said...

I like this one, Lorraine. It could either be a really neat guy or GOD!

Michael Rawluk said...

That is a wonderful reflection. What great light.

Anonymous said...

Technically speaking Dev, I always enjoy your comments, we could all do with more light ;)

Wow Brian, that is so cool lol

Isn't it though Talon, I am very grateful

How nice of you to visit, and thank you G. for the compliment ;)

Beautiful reminiscense Margie, I'm happy you got that out of this x

LOL Love that Sandy, good to be positive, do you know one?

Thanks very much Michael :)