Saturday, May 28, 2011


Brian Miller said...

can you see my smile from there?

yay! you are not gone!

Anonymous said...

I'm back still anonymously though..but as I long I can post my photos I'll stay here ;) and thank you for being so kind!

Margie said...

Lorraine, I'm smiling now as I see you got some of your blogs back!
Beautiful shot!

Oh, I'm now on Firebox and no longer anonymous.
Chrome and Internet Explorer were not always working right!
Sometimes I was anonymous and sometimes I was not ....strange!
Maybe, you should give Firefox a try!

Off on a hike with Jake!

Bye, bye for now!

li said...

very cool - it looks like an entrance to a lovely, secret world. Hope you're getting your blog problems resolved!

Anonymous said...

hey, you are back....Nice Lorraine...i can see it :)

me too anonymous; blogger seems on the verge of insanity...let it sort out itself :)


Anonymous said...

Margie, thanks so much angel you're right, maybe I should try from Firefox, it's just that I like IE better, for unsane reasons :)
Oh and have fun with gorgeous Jake

me too Li, it's getting annoying, and thanks much

Hey Dev, how could I stay on AM3 and never read your comments? thanks sugard ;)
ok I'll sign anonymously first so I don't loose all my comments, then I'll try the proper way


Lorraine said...

here we go....

Lorraine said...

Wow after three times it worked all I did why unclick the stay

GABRIELA said...

Thanks to you we discover the world and its various "upsidedowns"!What an idea you had with this take!!!!!