Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Devika said...

As one who holds the sea within, I loved this, Lorraine...and i know this too is a repeat :) the sea calms in all its always does for me :)


GABRIELA said...

The shot is great!!! And placing the little poem on top of the wave....what an inspired presentation!

Devika said...

btw, 'As one who holds the sea within' -- that's the sea near my home -- every time i go there, i carry it within me :)


Lorraine said...

Iknow Dev and I appreciate your gracefulness :)

Thank you so much Gabriela, how lovely to see you, glad you enjoyed it!

Oh Dev I wish I had a sea nearby, but it's only in my heart, but I do have rivers and lakes around so I shouldn't complain ;)

Devika said...



Brian Miller said...

just dont throw yourself on the shores...but mirror the flow...there is peace there you know

Margie said...

I so love the sea!
One of my all time favorite places to be!
Gorgeous shot!

Gillena Cox said...

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

much love...

Anonymous said...

So lovely in every way.

Magyar said...

Great photo and verse, LL... thoughts inspired!

forever moving as the sea
this archer

__Silly minds [such as mine] may wonder: Is it plausible that the word -SEArch may have stemmed from the word... sea, or perhaps, the contrary? Does the archer loft an arrow into that... vastness?

OK, OK, OK! __I'll shut-up now. Smiles! _m

Michael Rawluk said...

That is such a great shot. So full of energy.

Lorraine said...

i hope so Brian, I need it so much ;)

Thanks so much Margie, it was in Ibiza I think or was it Lloret del Mar, I forget, anyhoo it was in spain and a long time ago lol

I like that Gillena, today I'll buy a bathing suit :)

Sandy thank you always :)

I love it, never ever shut up Doug :)

Means a lot to me Michael,thank you ;)

....peter:) said...

Now this is the Lorraine that got to know so well in such a short time :-)....restless and free as the wind and the tides and the smell of fresh air !!! :-)....that in one fantastic photograph my Lady....AmitiƩs....peter/pierre:)

Lorraine said...

and that is one lovely comment, amitie Peter :)