Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Part 2


Devika said...

Now, i can speak for myself here...if you see yourself there....

You came alone mystically,
you are to go alone mystically
and you have to share the universe
as a mystical being, with other mystical beings...

Now you know i'm in a real good mood...don't get me started :)

I LOVED the post much as i would apply it to myself :)


Devika said... is not really a response to you, my dear...i am a little upset myself...hope you understand, dear


Lorraine said...

I totally get you Dev, no worries

Devika said...

so thanks and so nice of you, dear Lorraine :)


ArleneWKW said...

Now that you have given us the whole picture, it makes more sense to me. I think that you powerfully portray your essence. I have to say that I deal better with a presentation of whole things rather than parts of them. I realize that any picture is a part of the whole, but I have difficulty when critical (to me) things are not there. I also recognize that presenting the part BY THE ARTIST which is YOU can be an artist decision. I'm writing here about my discomfort. I also understand that the artist may choose to express him or herself in a way that intentionally or incidently discomforts.

Brian Miller said...

i think in the mystical may be the one place you can consistantly find truth...

Margie said...

Part 2...wonderful, just like you!
Loved it!
You always touch my heat an soul so much!

TALON said...

I love this, Lorraine. In the seeking, we find the answers. Again - an amazing shot!!

Michael Rawluk said...

That is so cool, Lorraine.

Lorraine said...

Arlene I like how you see, you see more than you know ;)

Ditto Brian, thanks always

You are so lovely Margie :)

I always love your wonderful comments Talon :)

Iknow you appreciate a good water pic lol