Sunday, May 1, 2011

To Arlene

First, it bobbed

Then, it crashed


Kathy said...

It is such a cute little boat! A shame it wasn't secured better.
Hug to you, Arlene. I hope some little thing comes along to brighten your day today. We all need a little sparkle in our lives now and then to help us forget the "shipwrecks"!

Brian Miller said...

yikes. was there anyone in it?

Eddie said...

Hm. ..the trees don't move. Bad trees.

Devika said...

"I must launch out my boat.
The languid hours pass by on the
shore---Alas for me!

first three lines from Ravindranath Tagore's 'The Boat'

the second photo reminded me of those lines; nice photos Lorraine :)


ArleneWKW said...

I'm still not sure of the size. Afloat it looks larger. With the trees it doesn't look like a size or big enough to be carry passengers.

Thanks Kathy for your comment and Lorraine for writing a "to Arlene " post.

ArleneWKW said...

Oh, I just read your answer in your comment on yesterday's post.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope you were out of harm's way when you shot these scary photo!
They are very good.

Michael Rawluk said...

Ooops. Someone is going to have a bad day.

Margie said...

Oh no!
Sad about the little boat!

Lorraine said...

Kathy but no one was inside, so no one got hurt, boats can be rebuild ;)and I know you know that

Brian, nobody, thank God!

Poor trees I think they would have moved if they culd have moved lol Thanks Eddie :)

thanks a lot Dev :)

LOL Arlene I was going to say I can only do so much lol but you got it ;)

Sandy, I had to be careful not to lose my footings, but that wind was very strong, so I took what I took, and skidaddled ;)

Michael, maybe but he should be relieved instead that no one got hurt, although I understand for boat lovers it would be very harsh :)

Margie, yes poor thing, but someone came around and anchored it so it wouldn't continue to crash and hit the rocks :)