Sunday, June 5, 2011


Devika said...

No you cannot, rather no one can; but who is doing that? :)

grand shot; your highlighting the blue makes it very picturesque...nice Lorraine :)


Devika said...

rather than the question...i may add pardon them who do that, whoever that is including me....because most of our words and deeds are guided by our thoughts and experience, but not intended to threaten others -- that's how i see the whole business called life and its promise,


Lorraine said...

I love your comments Dev, thank you !

Brian Miller said...

oo true that, you can do the inverse...nice pic L

Lorraine said...

that is so true, love it Brian, thanks!

Cindybrown said...

Beautiful!! It says so much in just a few words!!

Geraldine said...

Food for thought. And I agree. A beautiful photo too.

Gillena Cox said...

great sky overseeing
earth and waters -

TALON said...

I love that shot, Lorraine, and your words.

Margie said...

How I agree!
Wonderful picture!
Wonderful words!

Michael Rawluk said...

Very nice. The clouds are lined up like a heavenly marching band.

Eddie said...

no one can!!!

Lorraine said...

Hi Cindy how are you and your beautiful Grandbaby?

Thanks so much G. :)

always drifting, thanksGillena

thanks always for your generosity Talon :)

Margie, thanks angel :)

O la la very poetic Michael love it, thanks :)

indeed Eddie :)