Friday, June 10, 2011


Devika said..., Grrr...and shot, Lorraine...and nice post :)

Just a while ago i was thinking about mosquitoes...not a single one; to use Magyar's 'on the contrary' i seem to be kind of missing them :)


Brian Miller said... they have the cortizone cream...smiles. i do love a good barefoot run...

TALON said...

Lorraine, first I was going "Awww!" and then I was snorting with laughter! :)

This is awesome. The mosquitos seem to be extra prolific this year - they are loving all this rain!

Margie said...

haha on your ending!
Loved it, all of it!
We don't have any of those pesky mosquitoes here!

Missed your posts yesterday due to Smokey not doing well.

Anonymous said...

I got this shot, too.
Love the poem, but almost missed it.

Michael Rawluk said...

The first mosquito bite is a sure sign that summer is on its way.

Lorraine said...

Silly Dev, believe me you wouldn't enjoy having them back, they are must keep one's mouth shut ;)

Brian, I wouldn't know, I don't notice I'm barefoot, unless of course there's deep deep pain lol

Lol nothing I like more than a good snort Talon dear lol love it, oh and they are prolific so keep mouth shut

I'm so sorry Margie, I'll pray and pray and send healthy vibes x

Thanks so much Sandy and yes it is kind of muted, I guess the sun rise was so wow it didn't want anything to take away from it :)

that's true Michael and I have a lot more than one bite, thanks :)

Devika said...

For the detached soul i'm becoming, it does not matter...keeping the mouth shut? i know what you say, though i doubt they bite the still and quiet people's easy, no? :)

but yes, i don't really like them around for the kind of diseases they spread,