Sunday, June 12, 2011


Brian Miller said...

hey i see you, i think...rippling water is so cool...sings so sweet, not a bad reflection to have...smiles.

Devika said...

all the roads, all the quest, all art and life essentially 'lead to a same point: to the communication of who we are' -- many have said that in many different ways -- said in an other way, in self awareness one looks and begin to see the reflection of oneself in everything -- Grand shot for the words again, Lorraine :)

i am a little too busy with guests at home...may be free by Tuesday or a little off and on :)


Eko said...

Veden alainen maailma. Oma värikylläisyys.
Hienot rauhalliset värit ja compositio tekevät kuvasta nautittavan...!

Anonymous said...

I like this one a lot. We could do worse than be a rippling reflection.

TALON said...

That's such an intriguing shot, Lorraine. Sometimes our reflections (both mental and actual) seem to have more substance somehow.

Margie said...

Wonderful shot!
Be who you are and love who you are!
You are wonderful! x

Magyar said...

... of so little color, such color... and you are more! _m

Cindybrown said...

Just gorgeous!! and what a beautiful reflection you will see!!

....peter said...

This soooo!!! beautiful Lorraine....i can feel the water flowing over my feet from here....well done.... {So let it be} ....i heard that one of my favorite songs:D....Bz....peter/pierre:)

Lorraine said...

you know Brian I always agree with you :)

So true Dev, thanks for visiting while you have visitors, how cool! ;)

Eko, it's been too long, I forgot how say thank you in Finnish, but I know your comment is beautiful :)

I guess that's a good point Sandy, thanks a lot ;) true...thank you my friend :)

Nt nearly enough angel, but thank you, very much :)

and you are a gentleman, thank you Doug :)

Hey Cindy, thanks so much, and how is your beautiful grandbaby x

Peter, Let it be, let it be, let it be Beatles, love it too lol thanks