Sunday, July 24, 2011


Brian Miller said...

smiles. may that healing find you...or you learn to walk with the almost healed...

sandy said...

Love you sparkles.
We are cool finally. Are you?

Gillena Cox said...

the play of lights
over the water where
the gentle ripples
of time and eternity
augurs well a mystery

wishing you a Happy Sunday Lorraine; much love...

Margie said...

The world can be a wondrous place when one's heart is healed!
Peace to you, Lorraine.

Love those sparkles on the water!

Devika Jyothi said...

Healing is a way of the heart...but return to the same world - may it not be the way for more pain -- Be healed, be happy always, Lorraine :)

Nice photo...water is a good healing element :)


Lorraine said...

hmmm, it's beautiful, Brian:)

Yes, no need to pray for snow sandy hihi

Gillena, oh yes my dear it did augur a mystery...but Idon't know I would have to solve it

thank you angle, those sparles they're like stars of magic

Dev, one it's healed, something will surface that will need healing too, I get that