Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Brian Miller said...

any day is good for that eh? perhaps today then. hope you have a lovely day.

Devika Jyothi said...

Makes me want to open the Holy scriptures...and work on the table is another revelation :)

Have a good one, Lorraine...Nice post :)


Gillena Cox said...

epiphany -
finding myself immersed
in today

Wow!!! clouds love them

much love....

TALON said...

I never tire of watching the sky...what a gorgeous shot, Lorraine. Lately, we've been praying for rain clouds. But I'll take a relevation in its stead any day of the week!

sandy said...

Hey, it looked exactlly like that here today.
We share a sky!

Margie said...

May today bring you that!
Love those revelation kind of days!
Such an uplifting post and that sky is so beautiful!

....peter said...

Beautiful sky makes me want to fly!!!!....with this shot i am sure that you are worthy of a revelation of immense proportions!....Bisous....peter/pierre:)

Lorraine said...

I found it this morning Brian;)

Thanks a lot Dev :)

Wow back to you Gillena, thank you :)

I'll do the rain dance for you tomorrow morning Talon x

Hey Sandy maybe we even looked up at the same time

Thanks Margie, angel such as yourself must know that sky intimately :)

I got it too Peter, thankGod indeed, ps I can't visit you your word catch trips me up everytime

HOBBY said...

Cotton clouds!Nice!