Monday, August 15, 2011


Brian Miller said...

whew...monday is my hardest day...or busiest so i have to hit the ground running...mourning, lol, nice word play..

Devika Jyothi said...

i watch the morning rush and feel a little happy, i don't have to rush as before -

Nice sets and photos, Lorraine :)

will be a little off and on again, Lorraine...but will try to make it here,


Anonymous said...

Was there and accident?

TALON said...

"Monday mourning" says it all, Lorraine. And what an awesome shot - you captured the soul of heavy rain perfectly.

Gillena Cox said...

Monday mornings i'm retired, not a problem

much love...

Margie said...

Lorraine, your photo is stunning and I love how you framed it.

I know how you miss your work as you loved it so much and now you mourn every Monday.
I'm not a big fan of Monday either, Monday nights are the worst for me. x

Magyar said...

alarm clock
sinks quickly to the bottom
monday pond

Wanted to toss it this AM! _m

Michael Rawluk said...

You seem to have let your imagination sun free. Wonderful.

Lorraine said...

Thanks Brian,it's really one of Kathy Reichs' book 'Monday Mourning' I hope she doesn't sue me

me too and thank you Dev :)

Bama, only the one I created !

that's so sweet Talon thank you although 'Monday Mourning' is one of the titles of Kathy Reich's book, it seemed appropriate , for a rainy Monday

Ditto Gillena :)

Margie, yes I missed working, but even then I couldn't anymore, so it's a wasted wish but life goes on...thanks angel

Doug that is super...I love it lol

sun free Ilove that too, mistake or on purpose either way it's wonderful thanks Michael