Wednesday, September 21, 2011



Brian Miller said...

nice among the bricks....

Geraldine said...

it is intriguing!!!

Gillena Cox said...

tall, taller, tallest :)

Magyar said...

brick by brick
we climb yesterday's wall

How well the mundane, when seen with truth, can so truthfully... inspire. _m

....peter said...

There is a mystery here Lorraine.... but i think that it was in graffiti erased from the brick wall... i like your framing with the young trees:)
.... it has been a while since my last visit...Mea Culpa....peter:)

Michael Rawluk said...

I wonder what the sign said. I like that green all lined up.

Lorraine said...

another brick in the wall my dear Brian :)

I appreciate that very much G.

I like your interpretation Gillena

I like that you're inspired Doug by just another brick in the wall lol

hey Peter no worries, I keep on forgetting to visit all the time and not just you...ohmisery...oh menopause oh oh

Michael, I too try to decipher I think the second line says possibly 'gentle' and last line again very unsure 'woman'