Friday, December 16, 2011


Lorraine said...

By the by I have a new blog called 8 IDIOTS L
it's a bitching post as you might have surmise so go ahead and bitch your little heart out

Brian Miller said...

and its in the 70s in the mountains for VA...haha i like the name of the new place...

Margie said...

Another wonderful photo, love it!
And I'm wishing snow, snow for you at Christmas!
Sunny here today and I'm loving the sunshine!

Will check that new blog(LOL) tonight and also visit your others.

Today, I'm so busy!
Taking Smokey to the vet in a few mins. and then have to make food for the party we are having for our son's graduation, he walks on Sunday with his classmates.
He graduated with honors, so proud of him.
Sunday will be an awesome day!

Bye, Lorraine.
Have a great day! x

Magyar said...

Oooo. Remarkable, photo and verse; to the snow!

Magyar said...

__There is a new comment on your post of yesterday.
__Echos are intended as compliments, or complements... never as better-ments; my apologies for producing that un-intended perception. _m

Lorraine said...

Thanks Brian it did snow and today I bitched about a bad photo while I should have bitched about the minus 19 weather

Thank you angel it worked it snowed, aren't you awesome

Thank you always, no no don't think like that not at all I wasn't unhappy about your comments they are usually better than my words andI dig, I have no ego when a better writer comes along no worries, but yesterday, good or not I wanted it that way, and don't you dare ever apologize to me again, you gentleman poet, never apologise, and thank you you're a dear