Friday, December 23, 2011


Brian Miller said...

i wish it would snow tears might go away as the magic of snow...

Percy Bisque Silley said...

BM: Oh just stop already. Enough. You are quite over the top. I wish it would snow there too, and perhaps several feet upon Thy head.

TALON said...

We had some snow last night...but the wet variety that doesn't stick around.

White Christmas or not, I wish you a blessed and beautiful Christmas, Lorraine.

sandy said...

We did too, but it is going fast. Merry Christmas, Lorraine!

Margie said...

Great shot, Lorraine.
So, the snow came and gone.
That made you sad, huh?
Well, we have so much, wish I could send some of it to!

Merry Christmas!
Blessings to you, my friend. x

Frank... said...

Very mild here. Merry Christmas, Lorraine and a Happy New Year!...

Magyar said...

each tear
added to this river
the bridge

__Always... build the bridge; overcome.
__Best Christmas wishes, LL. _m

Lorraine said...

Me too Brian I wish for you on Chrismast eve, a sweet fallen snow x and Merry Chrismast

LOL oh sweet sweet Sir Silley, quit picking on Brian, Iknow I know he's too good,but pick on me, pick on me and Merry Christmas

and the very same to you My dear, may you be surrounded by love x

Merry Christmas my dear Sandy

Merry Christmas Dear angel

Very cold here this morning especially since the strip from the door tore aways it's a big crack of cold lol Have a ver Merry Christmas my friend

Merry Christmas gentleman Doug, Have a ball x