Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1


comrade harps said...

reminds me of this - but of corse, that's what a librarian would think

Anonymous said...

I'll see you there!

TALON said...

We had some snow showers yesterday, but it didn't linger. I'm not ready for the full-on assault yet!

I love all the footprints, Lorraine. Like someone is enjoying it :)

Magyar said...

__One wonders... who/what... came to these trees, and from where.
__Nice. A Photo-Question, LL. _m

Brian Miller said...

oh wow! SNOW! i am jealous...i want some snoe...maybe by the end of the week here...

Margie said...

I love the snow!
I love the trees!
I love the sky!
I love the footprints in the snow!

I bet someone else really loved it, in person!

Eddie said...

It is coming, is getting closer :)

Lorraine said...

Most definetely Comrade ;)

Only if can travel in the past Travis :)

Talon I loved it when I took many many years ago

Hey Doug it's a good I'd say 7 years ago, right now not a single snowflake

Don't be jealous m'dear Brian this was 7years ago I"m trying to encourage thesnow to start falling, we don'thave a single drop, we may just be facing oh Ihave even saying it: a green Chirstmas yuk

Thank you angel it's from quite a while back at this time this year we don't even have frost

Apparently nt here Eddie, that's why I posted this from way back to remember what snow looked like :)