Sunday, January 1, 2012


comrade harps said...

Looking forward to a 40C day here tomorrow - that would melt your ice a tad.

Happy New York Lorraine!

Brian Miller said...

nice...supposed to snow here today...crazy blizzard like...yay snow...smiles....happy new year L

sandy said...

Don't the large flakes mean the snow is about done?
I really like this photo.

Margie said...

Oh, wonderful!
Love it!

Most of our snow is gone :(

Lorraine said...

No kidding Comrade holy cammolee, it's not snowng it's not freezing cld, it's winter, normal lol

I wish it foryou and your boys and of course, your lovely wife, snow fight, Happy New Year my friend

Really? you'd think I'd know that being Canadiana nd all, you are right Ithink lol

ahhh well enjoy it while it's not there angle,cause it will probably come back