Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Magyar said...

__Often we need to return; each path leads... to its beginning.
__That well seen, and said here LL. _m

Brian Miller said...

the wind off the water might back blown the person from where they stood while they stood there watching the waves...smiles...

Gillena Cox said...

A great wind is blowing, and that gives you either imagination or a headache
- Catherine the Great

much love

Anonymous said...

What soft colors in this shot. I do hope the footsteps weren't behind you.

Anthony Duce said...

This reminds me of a view I painted last year on Lake Huron. Beautiful

Margie said...

The beauty of this shot is incredible!
Love it! x

Eddie said...

what a dramaturgy... suddenly
beautiful photo

Lorraine said...

Thank you Doug, that's very nice :)

You go that right Brian, it's a pusher lol

No wonder she was great, so true lol thanks Gillena

Sandy sweetie I'm always ahead

Really Anthony, Oh I'm going to look for that one...thanks so much

Hey angel, thanks so much

Oh Eddie, I like the word, thanks so much, and thanks again for the most beatiful card I've ever seen x