Friday, January 6, 2012


comrade harps said...

or maybe both

Brian Miller said...

love is a risk...which takes trust but also letting go of the the new fonts...

Margie said...

Trust with the heart and let go of the fear!

This is your sketch, right?
Well done, Lorraine. x

Anthony Duce said...

Good imagery and words, enough for the viewer to create the story. Like it very much.

Anonymous said...

This is so good!

Magyar said...

I've a sign in my office:

You can trust no one, lest you trust yourself;
you can love no one, lest you love yourself.
Trust Loves, Love Trusts.

It was in a library collection at an estate sale. I bought a half dozen old books, and I was going to buy the sign... but it became a gift from the book-seller.

__Great mystic photo, a note book... and the caption is grand! _m

firebird said...

So evocative! I like this for a mantra--it applies to everything. What a wonderful image!

Lorraine said...

Maybe both Comrade :)

Brian you've said indeed a rish, a hell of a risk

Yes and yes angel

Thank you so much Anthony, means the world to me

I appreciate that very muchSandy

Wow Doug, that is a gift indeed and thank you always, so much

Wow thanks pretty bird, it's always a pleasure to see you here, always

Colette Amelia said...

very good! Well done!