Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Frank... said...

There is a haunting quality to this pisture. Brrrr close the window...

Brian Miller said...

brrr...might want to shut it before you catch cold...smiles....and sometimes the way is cold...

Margie said...

A beautiful shot!
I do love winter scenery!

Hope you feel the warmth soon!

sandy said...

Pretty! It is finally starting to look and feel like winter.

Magyar said...

the words
freeze as they pass
through the open window
formed solid by the dark night air
snow flakes


Lorraine said...

brrr I can't thanks Frank lol

sometimes the way is cold...only you Brian :)

You're right angel there is nothing quite as beautiful as a winter wonderland or spring bud or summer ocean lol

Yes indeed Sandy :)

lovely it works so well with my photo, thanks Doug