Sunday, February 5, 2012


Brian Miller said...

your words make me sad a bit...lovely capture of the light...

Magyar said...

To be cumbersome with a thought:

You can not, not escape, if you confront the not.
__Common sense 'knows' the proper
-knot-; uncommon sense 'invents' the correct -knot-.
(I do Knot know to whom, this above quote belongs)

-Knot- a metaphor for the answer to... the problem at hand. _m

Magyar said...

... and, by the bye; "we often need to 'untie' the -Knot- of the -Not-."

HOBBY said...

Thank YOU, Lorraine...for visits!

Lorraine said...

I can't escape Brian that is the truth, thank you my friend

I still can-knot dear Doug

It was absolutely a delight Yoshiyuki