Monday, March 26, 2012

as we all know life is a fantasy, I'm not happy in my fantasy, men cheat, men make me fall in love and then I learn I was their 4-6 month fling and they are married with children and they go back

Since I've been cheated on so often and Idon't why especially when I was young..I was pretty, smart funny and so easy to live it. So I say to hell with this fake reality/fantasy

I decided I'll create my perfect fantasy man, I mean I'm not hurting anyone especially their wives, because it's not real

So, of course I look twrds tv, Dr. McDreamy, no way, him something  is either right or wrong.... don't agree with that fundamental there's no middle ground

Dr. McSteamy, He'll sleep  with everyone just like all the man I know in this reality

I love Fringe, John Noble brilliant  young he was stunning, ok I like his brain but with all meds he takes thats a disaster you know where

His son Peter (Joshua) he's cute he reminds of a little boy, that wouldnot turn me on

I love Smallville's daddy John Schneider, but no, not anymore

Then I thought of David Boreanaz, yummy as angel, yummier as agent booth, and he still looks pretty when he gets mad, but no it's not working...don't know why, I blame it on Bones

Suddenly it hit me between the eyes, perfect fantasy man, strong, good-looking rugged and he would do anything to keep me safe, and love me to distraction: Yes ladies and Gentleman the winner: John Dean Morgan, aka : DENNY,AKA John Winchester and of course so many roles, so I pick no not John Dean, I pick  John Winchester the daddy of Supernatural, now that's  a man...Love the guy. At least this time I hose well.


Brian Miller said... least you know what you want eh? smiles...

sorry you have been hurt by guys though...that sucks...

Lorraine said...

I don't quite measure up to the awomen he dates but heyit's all in mymind, thanks for your empathy, you're a great guy and I'm happy for your family !

Geraldine said...

wow, that's quite a rant L. don't get me started on married men...the kind that cheat that is. SCUMBAGS!!! How's that for a description.

Hugs my dear. You deserve a great guy and you will find him!

Magyar said...

__Who is John Galt?
And: "I must not be a real man, I have never cheated." Of course women, do not cheat... IF THEY DO... do they become men?

Someday, within that dream, you'll be found by your soul-mate... of that I am sure! _m

sandy said...

Geez, it is going to take me a while to look those guys up. Good luck next time, Lorraine.

Anthony Duce said...

My fantasies were always in the story I wasn’t living in. In life most things to good to be true aren’t. But A few times they have come true. Maybe your next fantasy will too. Have to keep looking for the ones who don’t lie, even if the truth, hurts sometimes.

Lorraine said...

G. dear girl, I don't believe in it anymore

hey Doug who is that?

Sandy I never lie's the truth everyone lies tome, men anyway, it's a shame really that my mom was so beautiful and my dad so good-looking, 'cause goods looks have nothing to do with me but no man has ever bothered looking at what's inside, it's so much more beautiful than the outside

Anthony I'll take the truth over anything, anytime, Lies have hurt me so badly that I don't trust any words, they are never true, they are only meant to be flattering

Magyar said...

John Galt:
__The "Mystery Man" of Ayn Rand's novel, "Atlas Shrugged" a long, but recommended read.

ArleneWKW said...

I am glad you are back. I was worried about you after reading your post about you being in Hell.