Thursday, June 18, 2009

If I could Draw
I would draw the outline of the sun riveting in the sea
And the strength of stones carved in eternity
I would draw the gasp before you laugh
And the glint in your eyes
I would draw the kindness I see everywhere
And the comfort extended
For our mistakes
I would draw the incredible gentleness
Of a grandfather’s smile
And the warmth of a genuine touch
I would draw the treasures I see everyday
Living in the trees, the rivers, in the gardens
So lovingly tendered
I would draw the funny story you just shared
And the unassuming passion for little things
I would draw the simplicity of a hearty handshake
And the caring among friends
I would draw a tender song
And all the lyrics of hope
I would draw the gratefulness I feel
For nature’s balm
I would draw our restless spirit at peace


namaki said...

but you can take pictures Lorraine ...

valbrussell said...

I would draw you sitting there, eyes cast upward, conjuring all these beautiful and meaningful words. This was simply lovely Lorraine. Merci.

Devika said...

You marvel in drawing with words, Lorraine :)

lovely, so so got a heart of gold, even if you claim otherwise :)

I am in love -- all over again in love with life -- reading this!


Brian Miller said...

great words drawn well. you can draw, happy thursday friend.

Lorraine said...

Yes that I can do Namaki, but sometimes drawing can be magical :)

Wow Val, what a beautiful thing to say, thanks very much :)

I'm very touched by your response, how lovely Dev :)

A high compliment indeed, and a happy thursday to you too friend :)

Frank Williams said...

A really touching poem Lorraine...

Lorraine said...

Thanks for the sweet compliment Frank :)

Michael Rawluk said...

That is so sweet. You words have my heart singing (and jealous that I can write like that.)

Lorraine said...

You once said Michael that you'd rather speak with your photos and you do, but I'm betting (based on some of your great titles that you can write ) 'your words have my heart singing' I rest my case. LOL Thanks very much ;)

Cindybrown said...

Oh that was wonderful, very beautiful and peaceful!

Ken said...

Lorraine, like the change in today's post. it shows that people are constantly changing and can surprise you in subtle ways. Lovely poem and words and picture.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Lorraine said...

Thanks very much CindyB :)

Thanks for that Ken :)

Thanks a lot Andrew :)