Friday, June 19, 2009

I keep the window open
Wishing that a strong wind
Will force me to shout out loud
Words I no longer care to share
Or long enough to whisper
What I left for the breeze to carry away
That the longer I speak
The less I breathe

I don’t want to talk anymore


Devika said...

You have posted this before, no Lorraine??

Its so much a sad one,
but, yes there are occassions we feel so time and again....but "this too shall pass as water under the bridge" -- Its in Vincent Norman Peale's book I read that...and let those moments pass faster,

stopping talk to take long, deep breaths relaxes....see I have said all that without a breath...aauuuuuuuuhhhmmmmmm :))


Devika said...

and you took off flower blog again?? :)

Not in a good mood, Lorraine?


Devika said...

Cheer up, my dear


Lorraine said...

Dev, oh yes it is, one of my favourites, and dear girl, talking is overated ;)
and,well I dont' know much about flowers, only how pretty they are, and not sad at all, but thanks lol

Devika said...

haha :-)

i loved to have that wink :) no, ;)


Brian Miller said...

keep the window open, for when you need your words...

have a great weekend!

Lorraine said...

LOL I love that Brian, thanks and the same to you :)

Anonymous said...

This makes me think of the window as being a metaphor for our souls. In your last four lines I can feel an exhaustion and finality. Such a beautiful bittersweet verse Lorraine.

Cindybrown said...

I feel this and I think it comes form anxiety and depression,circumstances in our life, which I am really feeling today. You wrote it wonderfully :)

namaki said...

I thought for a moment that you wanted to stop your words on the blog ... :-O

Ken said...

Lorraine. Such a moving piece. it reminds me of gossip and how words can bring hurt and how some should take wing never to be seen again!

Timoteo said...

I went back as far as May 25th and had to stop--overcome with emotion. (I WILL look at everything on your site later.) I am now following you...and here's your invitation to my world on my poetry blog, "Catnip."

Lorraine said...

Ha Val, you hear words well, how neat, yes it was a dark period, where I simply had nothing left to give, and words were killing me, I'm better now, I write instead ;)

Thanks CindyB, I had no doubt you'd see right through the window lol some days ....x

Namaki, well it would not be suprising as so far I must have had at least 25 version of my writings and poetry and well whatever you can think of...I write, I create, I delete such is the way of me, restless to the core, BUT, not this time, I'm sticking around :)

Oh Ken, that's lovely, in fact words can hurt so much, in fact I wrote a poem about it once, something called 'another's story' lol

Oh Timoteo, such a wonderful compliment, thank yo so much..and yes I will visit you, thanks that meant a lot to me :)