Monday, June 22, 2009


Would a poem without words be a poem
Would a song without lyrics be a song
Would a sheet of music without notes be music
Would a father without his children be a father

You say no
You ceased to be when she took them away
Away from their laughter and their fears
From their joy and their sorrow

For you a distant memory
Except for the sorrow
You won't forget

Will they know that they were in your thoughts
Then pushed away
So that you could get up

Will they understand
That you could no longer be a father
Without them
Will they know how deeply you yearned
For their touch
Will they know that they are your poetry

I, the next love
Am a stranger to them
And to their father.


Devika said...

Thought provoking poem, Lorraine
the toll of complicated, unsettled relations can be very detrimental to children!

I have seen in many lives..father's 'loves' often doesn't nurture his children....trying to save their love, they often work against his children...even killing them...many instances here in the city I live..

And I think above all, if love is true -- be it mother's or father's -- it would definitely be recognised...despite all wily calculations by women...i do feel many a times...women are more wily and cunning than men!


Brian Miller said...

wow. definitely. seems a lot of people find themselves going through this. tough times. hope you have a great monday lorraine!

gautami tripathy said...

I like this new you who is showing us a new side of hers. The journey, the questions are all very important. However, in the midst of it, we, only we can find the true answers.

Colette Amelia said...

Lorraine I see we have similar style and subject when shooting pictures! But where we differ is in the artistic way we! No stumbling over words for you...and no blathering on and on when just a few will do!

Very clever and well done!

Lorraine said...

I understand, hopefully one day loving parents will put their differences aside for the children's wellbeing, and be as friendly as they can when leave each other :)

Thanks a lot Brian, may yours remain endlessly :)

Oh Gautami Baby, you ain't see nothing yet ;) thanks always

Hey Colette Amelia, how lovely to see you, you do not blather, you're very sensitive to the plight of the undefended and you write really well, I enjoy it very much ;)

Michael Rawluk said...

You are the poet of the heart.

Lorraine said...

That's so beautiful and poetic... Michael...and you're not a poet? I beg to differ
Poetry can be 3 words or six ;)

Timoteo said...

The longer poems strike a nice balance with the more succinct ones. But it's never the length that matters...only the thought and emotion. Haunting.

Anonymous said...

Interesting poem Lorraine. I know all about this particular hell, in fact I'm sad to report I'm an expert. Well written my dear.

Ken said...

Again, you have wonderful insight and emotion that pours out in your poems and it makes me related to the universal quality they possess.

standley said...

Me voilà de retour après quelques jours passés en région parisienne (que je ne regrette pas du tout!).
Un bon nombre d'entre nous doivent se retrouver dans ton beau poéme Lorraine. Bravo pour l'écriture!

Gillena Cox said...

This is nice the greyscale poem, showing those strong sturdy age old trees and the questions posed in your poem, timeless issues awakening our senses

Lorraine said...

Agree completely Timoteo, a poem can be a line..or 50 thanks very much ;)

I'm very sorry to hear that Val, and thank you for your trust :)

That's a nice comment Ken, and so common to so many people, thanks a lot for your input :)

Bon retour Richard, chanceux! j'ai bien hâte de voir de nouvelles photos et merci beaucoup pour ce beau compliment ;)

That's beautiful Gillena, thanks very much :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


RBroeker said...

I love the picture and your comment, Lorraine. To me it is a mixture of lyric and annotation, good to read, full of neccessary thoughts. My answer to your questions is a stolen one (probably from Michelangalo): the sculpture is in the rock and all one needs to do is carve it out ...

Best wishes

Lorraine said...

Thanks a lot Andrew :)

Beautiful answer Ralf, thanks very much :)