Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pockets full of dreams
I carry silently
Their voices
Than mine could
ever be

Sin of
Sin of
False Breath of relief
When at first
You destroy
The dream

To appease the
dangerous myth
of liability


Brian Miller said...

very nice! too many dreams die a slow death of liability or starvation.

so your son plays guitar...with a band?

Lorraine said...

hey Brian, thanks so much, it's a shame we let dreams die, but sometimes...anyhoo, nope he plays the guitar and writes his own song, and occasionally plays and sings a well known song here's a link :

Frank Williams said...

Absolutely cracking photo Lorraine and sensitive words...

Devika said...

"I carry silently
Their voices
Than mine could
ever be"

i loved that....and then the whole verse -- ofcourse dreams involve responsibility and liability, i think...if it didn't we would be eligible to enjoy the freedom that we
have....our sins are less significant, but yes, it would have its repurcusions.....

Unlike birds, our freedom was the effort of some great minds...i think we are liable to keep that intact for generations to come!

my thoughts goes so, Lorraine :)
fine photo,


Devika said...

**if it didn't we would "NOT" be eligible to enjoy the freedom that we

a great sin of omission :))


Lorraine said...

Thanks very much Frank :)

Thanks for the lovely comment Dev, and I laughed out loud at your second lol

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

interesting seeing the words and the picture, and how they could go together.

namaki said...

j'adore la photo ....

Michael Rawluk said...

I love the fabulous photo.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Hey, where did the "Garage Sale Stuff" go? Please tell me that the whole blog has not been deleted. I loved it.

standley said...

Ta photo est sublime Lorraine!
L'avantage des rêves c'est qu'ils sont renouvelables.

Gillena Cox said...

the photo is so soothing, it can encourage sleep the kind that lends itself to dreaming

much love

Lorraine said...

Thanks for that neat comment Andrew ;)

Namaki, moi aussi lol j'étais sous le choc de sa beauté :)

Me too, sigh thanks somuch Michael ;)

Ok, I'll put it back on for you and Kathy, she likes it too ;) Thanks Lynne!

Merci Richard, c'est vrai ce que tu dits et merci :)

Thanks for the lovely comment Gillena :)

Magyar said...

I often run out of expressive words... beautiful, both photo your words... poetic_m

Magyar said...

... and and is missing 'twixt photo AND your

Timoteo said...

First the picture...then the words...a double tug at my heart.

gautami tripathy said...

That linearity of that photo..spectacular, I say!

Lorraine said...

YOu run out of expressive words? Idoubt that, thanks very much Magyar ;) had first I didn't get your second comment, well I hadn't finished by second coffee yet lol I read it right the first time :)

How sweet, thanks very much Timoteo :)

Well I say, thank you very much Gautami!