Monday, July 27, 2009

All the years of reaching down
to sweep the sandy ground
Pushing away flint-like pieces of rubble
Carefully picking left over amber broken bottles pieces
Sifting through the busted fragments
Like pieces of my shattered life

Among the ragged flotsam, the cuts inflicted
Ignored, to find the treasures
The searing pain of deep scratches
Are only hurting now

So many layers of debris
Slashed to the bones, bleeding
Now I know every notch.
Fragmented, but not crushed.
I sift through the sand, again
My fingertips gentle now.


Brian Miller said...

all the pieces of our lives, some sharp, some treasures, each special in its own unique way. sift tenderly, tread well.

happy monday!

Devika said...

This is touching, Lorraine
We emotional beings are bound to react first and think later....but a meaningful reflection should help enhance life,


Cindybrown said...

Oh sweety this was wonderful! I have felt this very thing, and you worded it so well!! Love Cindy

Lorraine said...

Nicely put Brian, thanks :)

Beautiful comment Dev, thanks very much :)

And you always say it sooo sweetly, thanks Cindy b ;)

Ken said...

Once again, Lorraine, you have given me pause for thought.
Thank you.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very powerful!

Timoteo said...

I love your longer poems...the hurt in life gives us one thing, and that is the depth in our writing. (If we'd never hurt, we'd be pretty shallow--and that wouldn't cut it on the printed page.)
Is it a fair trade? Sometimes, when the words are magic--I can believe that it is.

Magyar said...

Wonderful, Lorraine_!
...and this is why I refer to my scribbles... as my "daily therapy."
_Hurt... causes some of those -hurt- to pull tears out of that -hurt- and gel them into thoughts that are understood by the writer, and the readers, thus, lessening the -hurt-.

Laure said...

you led me right where i needed to go.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

What has HAPPENED in your life?

Lorraine said...

Thank you Ken for the thoughful comment :)

Thanks Andrew, means a lot to me :)

You know it Timoteo...and that I knew :)

_m the only way to live, that I know

What an astonishing comment Laure, thank you :)

Probably a different version, with the same ending as everybody else lol thanks for asking Lynne ;)

The Dark Lord said...

A really hard lesson on the labours of life... To go on, despite the numerous pains inflicted... armed only with the wisdom of experience..that teaches us to "sift through, with gentler touches"!

Lorraine said...

'armed only with the wisdom of experience' did I mention how much I love your writing in any form!