Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Devika said...

'The Loss of November'....we have a movie titled so...November to me is one the most memorable old love story! :)

There's a lyrical quality to the words that i love,Lorraine ..and the photo, not to say, fabulous :)


PS: btw, i could be away for one or two days, Lorraine..a two-day trip not decided, will be back by Tuesday anyways (ha! if nothing happens enroute! :)

Lorraine said...

Ooo wonderful comment Dev, no worries about the trip I'm sending you my angel for short trips...oh and I'll miss you! Have fun x

Devika said...

oh thanks Lorraine...and Yeah miss me :)
one of my friends, he always used to tell me "hey Ms, miss me until i'm back" :))


Yvon said...

merci Lorraine, pour ton commentaire qui m'est bien parvenu
tes photos sont superbes
bises et bon week end

Michael Rawluk said...

I guess you have to have faith that spring will come some day.

Brian Miller said...

faith and the fall go so well together dont love the pic! happy hallows eve!

The Dark Lord said...

Ah I love november too.. wish you the very best in the coming season.. and yeah, Happy Halloween!!

Standley said...

J'adore novembre pour la beauté des paysages et je le déteste en même temps car il est annonciateur de jours sombres!
Très belle photo.

Lorraine said...

a neat wish Dev lol

Merci beaucoup Yvon, c'est gentil :)

Michael yes, and until then, enjoy fall and some of the winter ;)

Thanks a lot Brian, hope your kids had a ball :)

Thanks so much tDl, Happy Halloween, I have all these chips and chocolate bars and no one showed up, shocks, all these goodies I'll have to eat myself, a real shame ;)

Je suis contente que j'aime les jours sombres Richard , mais je m'apercois comment mieux je me sents qu'en le soleil est chaud ;)

Magyar said...

I like November too; when it closes, there are but 90 days to March.
___There are wonderful things in all seasons, and of these winter days, there will be the grace of the snow innatures clensing to prepare for the spring's arrival... and NO mosquitoes!

Lorraine said...

Lol I like that, I love the beginning of all seasons ;) thanks _m

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'd love it if it wasn't cold!

Lorraine said...

Then for you Andrew, I wish constant internal warmth :)