Sunday, November 1, 2009

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Devika said...

ha! i'm back...we just been to friends and back...didn't get the tickets, last minute!:)

People are used to only focusing on themselves....Be it so, This is nice Lorraine :)


Brian Miller said...

mmm...i really like this one...sometimes our ego does get in the way of us seeing our shortcomings..

Standley said...

Notre ego est-il si important que cela?
Superbe image Lorraine!

Devika said...

Lorrainoo...where are you??


Lorraine said...

Dev, very true :)

Brian and not stopping us from seeing others' shortcomings ;)

D'apres nous, Richard, merci beaucoup!

Oh my impatient first visitor, dind't feel like getting out of bed, first Sammi, my middle cat tried to wake me with licks, and I pushed her away, than my playful Mikey tried with his lovely little dracula teeth, and that didn't work, so finally the boss, Kimmi, came and miaowed. Wwhen she shows up it's time to get up :)

Devika said...

ha! You and your cats! sounds fun :)


Maxine said...

This is really clever Lorraine - and humble at the same time!

Lorraine said...

Thanks Dev

Hey Maxine, I miss you I'll have to drop in, soon ;) and thanks so much

comrade harps said...

going beyond
to see everything
is out of focus