Sunday, October 11, 2009

Convince me

I don’t insist on the truth anymore. Why reach so high? But I won’t weigh my words. I’ll risk wrath, I’ll take scorn, but not deception.

It’s ok that there’s no reason, nothing to spur you to action. You don’t have to know what to say, or answer in a direct way. Just no more fabrication.

I won’t accept promises that are as easily swept as fingerprints on a mirror. Or twisted words, to avoid discomfort, oh the horror!

The deceit poisons my heart, sips through my soul. Do you not see how much you hurt me?

If you can’t stop the lies, let’s at least not speak.


Cindybrown said...

Sweet Lorraine!!! This was soo good!! I have had those very feelings. You get to a point enough is enough, no matter what the circumstances surrounding it!! Excellent!!!

Devika said...

As Cindy, I have had all this thoughts long before....Long before, means very much long before when a girl cannot take it...and then i lost myself and i stopped speaking and writing totally.....Then came the rebirth as one might say...and I was made to see the beauty of life..all alone...

Years passed...then i was given the right company...Endurance is life, i believe...Bluffing is fun, i guess :)

Loosen yourself, Lorraine....see the beauty of participating in life the larger scheme of things :)


Janice Thomson said...

A big AMEN! to deception...and might I add Truth is gained by living it not searching for it - it is in every word spoken, every action taken in daily living.
While deep thinking may give access to Truth experience alone proves it - unfortunately many 'talk the talk' but only a few 'walk the walk'.

Brian Miller said...

nice. well how you wrote it capturing the feeling. the feeling itself is not nice...deception does sip the soul...unfortuantely too often.

Kristin Riggs said...

Don't you just get tired of it??? My hubby's father was in politics before he passed away...local politics, so you can only imagine how some people acted. Derek's dad was as straight-forward as they come, but some of the people we have had to deal with over the years as a result of his position...not so much! I cannot stand two-faced, deceptive people!!! My father has always told me "everything that glitters isn't gold"...and I find that to be very true of people sometimes and of their words. I'm sorry if someone has hurt you, but just keep being you...don't let their ways rob you of all the wonders inside of you. :) I'm sending hugs from Arkansas to Canada. God bless you, Lorraine. Love your honesty.

Lorraine said...

Thanks verymuch CindyB :)

Hey Bluffing is a game understood by those who play only...lying is lying empty promisesare empty promises. I can't abide lies Dev, but concede that sometimes it's better not to say anything at all :)

Janice, agreed. Important to work on it as it's easy to slip, don't ask me, and I'll tell no lie ;)

Brian, so true...not easy, because sometimes truth is used only to hurt, not to heal.

That's a lovely comment Kristin, thank you for the blessings, always and the hugs :)

gautami tripathy said...

I could somehow relate to this..

BlueJayEye said...

I like the contrast in the picture. It tells of so many words and feels of so many emotions you, me and everyone else speaks.

Lorraine said...

I appreciate that Gautami :)

That's a lovely comment BJE, thanks very much :)