Saturday, October 10, 2009

I gave everything
There is nothing left
But ashes to start over

Ashes can't be rekindled
But maybe I can re-create

I even want to


Devika said...

This has serious undertones and not just recreation stuff...I love it, Lorraine :)

I can't create or re-create from the ashes....All i do is recreation..see the fun side, even when i can't seem to find any!

Life is hard...dreams alone seem to take us forward at times,


Brian Miller said...

keep recreating...ashes become the base for paint, from which new pictures are created....we were thinking along the same lines today as we posted, i think. happy saturday!

Kathy said...

Sometimes the secret is in knowing when it is time to give up on trying to rekindle a flame that has burned out and when it is time to start a new fire!

Janice Thomson said...

Perfect picture for your words; is not everything a reflection of that which has been before - good or bad? Excellent post chère amie.

Kristin Riggs said...

I think if you look hard enough, there are always some little embers in those ashes! Keep looking, Lorraine, because I always love what you have to say, friend. :)

Cindybrown said...

Wonderful as always Lorraine, really makes me think, Hope all is well!!! I have gotten a little behind on my reading and writing!!

Lorraine said...

Oh Dev, love your last line, it's brilliant ;)

Wow Brian, what a neat comment, i love it :)

Man Kathy, that is very intelligent and wise, maybe you should have a Dear Kathy Column ;)

OOO you saw that, insightful you, thanks ma chère amie :)

That is so sweet Kristin, thanks very much :)

Hey CindyB, I miss you too, I'll drop in today :)

gautami tripathy said...

LOve that photo reaching out to the sky..

Lorraine said...

Thanks Gautami, would you believe it's a reflection in the lake :)