Saturday, January 30, 2010

I accept

That my financial ruin is due to previous activity in this life or a previous one. I accept that I might have been the first person to say "Person, bring me more gold. Tax the little people."
I accept that my illness is due to this life or a previous one where I judged by thinking that I am strong and nothing will ever keep me from living and working exactly as I pleased.
I accept that my dependence on others is because in this lifetime or in any other, I swore that I would never be dependent on anyone or anything but myself.
I accept that my overweight problem is because in this lifetime, definetely in this lifetime and in any other previous lives I have 'sworn' thereby making a big judgment, that I would never let myself go and become fat.
I accept that I am broken because in this lifetime and previous lives I proudly stood tall and swore nothing would ever break me.
I accept that I am the sum total of all my thoughts and actions from past and present lives.
I Accept.
Doesn't mean I have to like it!


Gillena Cox said...

my moon view last night was of a shy moon, only saw the halo peeping above the clouds; this is another one of your thought provoing verses; i agree totally with your summation; there must always be room in our psyche for bettering; new moon starts a new cycle :)

Kathy said...

I have known some pain in my life but overall, I can't help but feel that I have been very fortunate. And if I can't blame myself for good fortune, I see no reason to blame myself for bad fortune. Except maybe for that weighing too much thing! But I'm not going there...

Michael Rawluk said...

What can I say? Beautiful shot and I do like it.

Margie said...

Acceptance is a wonderful thing!
Thank you for sharing this, Lorraine!

Have a great day!


Frank Williams said...

Thank you for sharing this, Lorraine. The moon represents hope to me...

Colette Amelia said...

But then again Lorraine it might have just been because...shit happens. Bad things happen to people randomly.

Take care
Love the pic!

Lorraine said...

Beautiful comment Gillena, thanks for that!

Kathy you've earned your beautiful moments, enjoy them...about the weight thing, it's really nothing ;)

I appreciate that Michael, thanks a lot :)

Thanks so much Margie, it's lovely to have you here lol

Thanks for the beautiful comment Frank :)

Shit does happen CA sweetie, but I can't accept that it's random, I won't...that would mean that due to chance or bad luck, a baby can be hurt and killed and a nasty old man can live forever, I would not accept this world, I would not accept to live in it...But I get you lol and thanks so much :)

Percy Bisque Silley said...

"I accept that the millions of Cambodians who were murdered in the killing fields genocide were horrible people in their past lives. And that the Khmer Rouge who killed them back in the seventies and who so far have gone almost totally unpunished - many are in today's Cambodian government! - were wonderful folks in their past lives and their 'reward' for this was to get away with murder."

“I accept that infants who die in impoverished African nations from preventable diseases were all nasty people in their past lives and that Canadian babies have a much lower mortality rate because Canadian babies were good folks in their past lives.”

And those horrible Haitians! They were so bad that they caused an earthquake.

How Dare you write a Sillier post than I?

It's really silly to recognize that randomness and statistics are part of all life - except for people.

Lorraine said...

Sir Silley, oh heavens, RAW but effective...I believe this is one of the reasons we don't remember having lived before, because then we -imperfect human souls- would come to the conclustion that starving babies were nazis in a previous life, and that people destroyed by nature were previous homocidal maniacs, etc.. etcc...We'd Judge, and we also wouldn't understand, that maybe just maybe the people let's Haitans were strong souls, valiant enough to live through hell, to teach Humanity to be generous, to be understanding, to develop compassion...Hell doens't that somehow make more sense than just 'rotten luck!' I just can't imagine that. But to think that all the bad stuff happens to bad people and all the good stuff happens to good people, is judgmental, narrow and just plain hurtful! Although sometimes I wish I didn't believe. Sometimes I can't bear to think to live in this world over and over again. Hey I acknowledge how silly we all are!