Friday, January 29, 2010

Life Vs You

Life has a way of playing with you and your conscience, little internal wars like:
Vanity vs conscience.
Desire vs conscience.
Will vs conscience.
Life vs conscience.
Love vs conscience.
Greed vs conscience.
Envy vs conscience.
Intelligence vs conscience.
But to muddy the water, Life does not spell it out for you. It doesn't simplify things to this or that. Oh no, you'll have to go through an immense combat and uncertainties and doubt before you even get to the eternal earthly desires or conscience.
Life vs You


Brian Miller said...

that is part of the mystery of either fight it or flow with it...

Gillena Cox said...

i like the rooted upright tree; like my religious ethic and the transient strength of the building seemingly leaning, against that tree; this is quite a profound statement in your image; cleverly resonated in your verse

Margie said...

Summed up prefectly!
Great photo!


Kathy said...

Why does this remind me of Jay Leno???

Michael Rawluk said...

For some people, conscience is not even in the equation.

ArleneWKW said...

This could inspire a rather lengthy essay and much thought. For now I'll just say that the picture is brilliant. And also thought provoking.

Colette Amelia said...

Wow! awesome Lorraine!

BlueJayEye said...

opposites retract and attract - isn't that weird, but as all things in life, one must find satisfaction even if there is no balance and fairness ...

Timoteo said...

My conscience has kept me from having a good time SO many times !

Standley said...

Une belle analyse de la vie Lorraine!

Lorraine said...

It's no where near that simple Brian, but I like the way you think ;)

Thanks for that wonderful comment Gillena ;)

Hey Margie, thanks so much :)

Wow, lol that's one hell of a question Kathy, love

Truer words have never been spoken, so true Michael :)

woo hoo, love the comment Arlene, feel free to follow up on one of your precious write-up ;)

Colette Amelia, I keep on meaning to click on yours, and yet I can never find you, it's so weird, it's like your ocmment appear, but you're not on my blog, this is the first time I actually see you thanks so much!

Well put BJE, thank you, always!

Good boy Timoteo, I don't entirely believe that make me a bad person?

Merci beaucoup Richard :)