Thursday, January 28, 2010

Like others I no longer know the truth
I'm told we live in Illusion
With realities we
Wonderful old souls created

Yet every turn
We hurt, We do not heal
Great spirits we are
Hidden behind our intellect
I'm finding it hard
to buy into it

And if we are to rejoice
In one Spirit
I'd rather do it alone


Gillena Cox said...

written like a prayer; and really each union must be important to the one vast Spirit

much love

Lorraine said...

Nice comment gillena, thanks so much :)

Magyar said...

Alone, we cannot Shun the hurt;
Alone, we cannot Accept the joy;
Alone, we cannot View our successes;
Alone, we cannot Escape our failures.

__I think, LL, here you are not alone. _m

Lorraine said...

That's just it my dear Doug, I want to be ;)

Frank Williams said...

A very nice post Lorraine...

Brian Miller said...

some alone time is never long as it brings you back.

Margie said...

Hi Lorraine
I came over from Kristin's blog.
I see you have 3 wonderful blogs!

I know Janice used to tell me about you and what good friends you are!
I miss Janice so much and will be so glad when she comes back to blogging!

Loved the last part of this poem ...

And if we are to
In one spirit
I'd rather do it


Michael Rawluk said...

The last stanza is perfect.

Magyar said...

Thus... the word SAVE. _m

Standley said...

Des moments de solitude sont indispensables par moments Lorraine!

namaki said...

superbe photo Lorraine ... le soleil ne cessera jamais de nous émerveiller .....

Lorraine said...

I appreciate that Frank, thank you :)

Brian, I need alone like I need to breathe...what to say :)

Hey Margie, I know I've seen you so often you're like an old friend, I miss Janice so much too, and thank you for dropping in...I'll also visit you soon, honestly I don't know why I haven't before..I guess we get used to the visitors we have and those we visit and we don't think of expanding, you know like a comfort zone lol

I think so too Michael lol thanks always :)

To be that would be something, i appreciate that Doug :)

Pour moi, Richard, c'est indispensable en tout temps :)

Merci pour ce beau compliment Namaki :)

Margie said...

Me again, Lorraine.
Drop by when you can!

I do know what you mean about your visitors.
I uuually have the same ones and don't expand my visits too often, but once in a while I do like now and so nice to do so!

Lorraine said...

Agreed Margie and it's such a lovely surprise, I'm glad you did :)

goatman said...

I have found that people who question are the most interesting and the most in need of friends.
Just a thought.
(I also wonder when Janice will be back with her wonderful art and words)
The best be to you in the new year's dealings