Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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Devika said...

so this was your 2002??
If you will take my word, believe me Lorraine I was at the same place in 1992-93....then i submitted myself to God -- fully, to have all that He wanted with my mind and body...and believe me, if you will..Life has changed drastically since then :)

every small little thing now adds beauty to my life :)

thats a very touchy photot of though one eyes is absent...and I don't want to look at it again,

love, always ---- be posiitive, spread positiveness --as humans we are capable of that,

ps: I know you are no more of that...but still I had to write :)

Devika said...

oh, now i get the "Now" "Then" sequence here...

chill! :)


Lorraine said...

The connundrum for me Dev was that before I broke I was extremely spiritual, so I didnt' understand, and part of me can't be fixed...but let me assure you of one thing, I have learned of the Incredible Power of Love...and to prove it I was able to turn the light on without extreme sensitivity to my eyes to look up for the spelling of Connundrum in the dictionnary! lol
I get what you're saying and God knows, My stubborness has caused me many slap in the face that could have been avoided,if I had truly seen the Light

Devika said...

every one has a part that can't be fixed...let it be so -- I have my dictionary always on on the system :)

Love -- i have often got my slap for my it became letting go, i can't live without loving...but not still sure how to show it! :)


Brian Miller said...

mmm...your comment carries a lot of weight and truth an goes a long way to my understanding of the piece.

comrade harps said...


RBroeker said...

Great photograph. And I like the last three lines. For it doesn't matter, who wants love ...

Best wishes

Gillena Cox said...

Quite interesting; and i like the idea presented in a paradox of black and white and shadows
The clock strikes 12 in it fullness of time yet we continue counting 13 and 14 hours etc
Your poetry life span reaches its fullnes at the strike of ten; yet life continues for us whether it be the afterlife or starting over in life
a truly interesting debate of Life and Continuity
Best Regards for the new year

Percy Bisque Silley said...

Well then, if you must know, I find the print of your posters exceedingly difficult to read. To borrow from Tolstoy, whose work much influenced my current post, I am "no longer in my first youth." (Please note, however, that I remain Dashing and Virile, it is only that I must wear trifocals.)

So without having read your current Poster, I shall merely say:

"Lovely! Haunting! A Must-See! If you Shall take in but one bedroom poster this year, it must be This!"

Michael Rawluk said...

What a gorgeous face.

Magyar said...

From my silhouette
This dank thought peers,
Silently searching...
__This me that, I am not.
__This me that, I wish to be.
I hear my thought's reflection,
and within that echo's
contrary truths;
I am.

Standley said...

Ce visage en demi-teinte semble cacher bien des choses Lorraine!

Lorraine said...

Agreed dear Dev, and thank you :)

Life is meant for teachings, and I'm grateful although it's not always easy, thanks always Brian :)

I like that more than words can convey, thank you Comrade :)

Agreed, it doesn't matter at all thank you Ralf :)

Fantastic comment Gillena, thanks :)

Blessed be your most tenderous soul Sir Silley, I find, dashing, virile and trifocals to be a trio of sensuality and thy shalt gracefully bow to you sir dashing, virile and trifocals, soonish...that is to say when I positively shalt not fall on my Queenly bottom//or visage as the case may be.

What a wonderful man you are Michael :)

This me that, I am not.
__This me that, I wish to be. What to say to this sublime message, thanks for your comprehension? sounds so lame ;)

Ce visage a cache trop beaucoup trop, ce visage n'est plus, Dieu merci et merci a toi aussi Richard :)


Timoteo said... lookin' at me?

Lorraine said...

I would not make jokes here Tim, still feeling headachy and bitchy!!! :)