Monday, January 4, 2010


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Devika said...

BEAUTIFUL, Lorraine!!

and well said :)


Lorraine said...

Thank you Dev, I have to warn you that tomorrow will be a shocker ;)

Devika said...

I quite know the cyclical sequence of life, ha! :))


Devika said...

it should be "moving" thats all what i look life and in posts :)


Lorraine said...

Then I suggest you don't drop in tomorrow....:)

Devika said...

You going to be stuck?? :)

i can keep off -- no issues :)


Lorraine said...

Nope I'm going all the way to 2002...beware

Devika said...

okay...i'm prepared! :)


Lorraine said...

You know Dev, between you and me, we are an audience, it's cool! We need more people!!! Bring the people...

truly I'm not high on drugs or medecine, not I'm not but I know why I feel so liberated, I think I'll put on FACEBOOK, a totaly unlikely, un/introverted thing for me lol

Devika said...

No one, but children listen to me, Lorraine....and they are often cut off from Internet....But quite a lot of people read here, i think; though they don't comment always :)

I am not on facebook...and i hate being on virtual social networks...not my place, but would love to see what you are putting up there...send me a link, will you? :)


Brian Miller said...

life breathes, that is an amazing line. try as we might to control it...

Lorraine said...

Dev, done :)

Hey Brian, I stole it, honestly the reason why I have it here is because it sums up my comes from a prayer, from apparently highly spiritual beings (not me) and it's long, but I'll try to remember all of it, because Brian it's wonderful: Goes like's like a meditation I use to say it every morning when I jogged for 30 minutes OK:
Invite God in
Continue to breathe
Invite gratitude for each thing that is here at the moment
Savour being present
Observe the moment expanding beyond your immediate concern
consider all is taken care of
Invite Life to breathe you
Be still and be fully present with yourself
Ask God to be your prayer
Listen to the to whisper of the inner voice of wisdom
choose peace
consider letting go of whatever seems important
look all around you all 360 degrees, you never know where help may come from
Know that with God
The best solution is always possible
Invite all of the above considerations to be with you one step one moment at the time and remember the only real being is is the only real doing does...something like that
There's a few more line, but I guess I'll have to start jogging again, 'cause I don't remember

I'm missing something or the lines aren't in order, I have the flu and man the brain is stuffed lol

Kathy said...

I particularly liked the word "consider"...So many times we are told or ordered to do things and the stubborn nature sets in. To be asked to consider doing something is in line with my belief that change should come about gently and should feel natural and welcome. My mantra for today will be: CONSIDER!

Michael Rawluk said...

I love this piece. You are a wonder.

ArleneWKW said...

Ah, so you restarted this and I didn't notice. I relate to this with what's currently going on in my life.

Seraphine said...

i hate schedules anyway.
i hope you find the time to lay down in that rose bed.
it looks sooo cool and soft.
tomorrow will take care of itself,
no matter what you do.
be kind to yourself.

Lorraine said...

O Kathy do I agree, I lvoe that in all of their writins, I've copied it all , I should find it among my millions of sheets of paper lol - it also a choice, or consider the possibilites of this...It struck a chord ;)

My fault Arlene, i assumed you were to busy lol but yeah the prayer is one my favourites, and had carried me so often :)

Dear Sera, you look so young, yet so wise, and I agree ...I wonder what you'll think of my post today ;)

Standley said...

C'est magnifique Lorraine. Tu es vraiment étonnante!

BlueJayEye said...

Beautiful pic to match with the text, especially like the unfurling of petals and the unfolding of life comparison.

Lorraine said...

Ce n'est pas moi Richard, c'est ce qui respire a travers moi et toi et tout le monde, mais hey j'adore ton compliment lol ;)

Thanks you BJE, that's beautiful :)